Our Values

Team spirit:

It is a strong value of CCA which combines the competences, mobilizes the resources, the good practices to the service of customers while mobilizing and federating the whole of the collaborators.  It is as a result of this that  team spirit is not an empty concept at CCA.

Total integrity: 

Personal values of all the workers of our company for a good behaviour and an impeccable professionalism. We are honest in relation to our company as well as all stakeholders.

The satisfaction and securing of loyal customers:

With our spirit of conqueror, we work hard to provide our customers with quality services and solutions, in a spirit of mutual trust. 

Leader spirit:

We have an ambitious, dynamic and determined team to enhance quality in order to remain in a leadership position in the sector of microfinance in Cameroon;


During moments of joy or sorrow, the personnel of CCA gather as a family whose members support each other. At CCA, there is a spirit of sharing of know-how in order to improve our performances.  


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