CREDIT COMMUNAUTAIRE D’AFRIQUE in abbreviated form CCA S.A, with the slogan « la finance au cœur des traditions africaines » was created in July 1997 in Bafoussam in accordance with the decree n° 00347 of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (current Ministry of Finance) as a Micro Finance Institution (MFI), after the assent n° 19044 of 11th January 2001 of the Central African Banking Commission (COBAC). Its issued capital is 5 billion XAF.

Since its creation, C.C.A. S.A. has worked significantly in the rural world, in supporting poor people who do not have access to financial services, through the financing of small farmer activities, supervision, the research of opportunities and the flow on the national and international market of the products of the rural world.

In 2012, CCA launched the electronic banking and innovated with its ATM card range to make life easier for its loyal customers.

To curb the competitive threat of the time, boost the implantation of banking institutions, reinforce its proximity and consolidate its financial performance, CCA increased its number of branchesto 42 since 07 November 2013, strategically spread over the 10 regions of Cameroon. Today CCA appears as an actor of reference in the Cameroonian banking scene, with strong performances. It confirms its position of leader in the sector of microfinance in Cameroon according to the Ministry of Finance through the report on the Cameroonian financial sector No. 011/March 2015.


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