Our Customers

Who can be a customer ?

  • Artisans/Craftsmen;
  • Traders;
  • Hawkers;
  • “Bayamselam”;
  • Planters;
  • Farmers;
  • Housewives;
  • Moto drivers
  • Forest farmers;
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises; 
  • Employees of the private / public and semi-public sector;
  • Village banks;
  • Civil servants and government officials;
  • Businessmen;
  • Socio-cultural associations;
  • Lawyers;
  • Bailiffs and notaries;
  • Offices of expertise.  

What can one expect while saving at Crédit Communautaire d'Afrique? 

  • Multiply your savings by investing at attractive rates; 
  • Build up your capital by investing in a safe place; 
  • The management of savings is entrusted to professionals who decide based on your opinion; 
  • Subscribing to the issued capital of C.C.A is benefiting from a better remuneration of its multiple financial services;
  • Follow-up and advice of the financed projects;
  • Availability of  analysts and economists specialized in project studies for MCS customers;



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