Practical Information

How to preserve your card and keep your secret code?

Your card must always be preserved and used with precaution, because it gives you access to your account.

Some rules to better  use your card:

  • Note down the number of your card to facilitate a setting in opposition when necessary. 
  • Systematically put the card in its small pocket or a wallet after use. 
  • Never leave it near a mobile telephone. 
  • Do not scratch the magnetic trail (black part on the backof  the card) and the chip.
  • Never lend it!!!

CCA’s withdrawal  card is a smart card meeting the most recent standards as regards safety. 

The use of the card on dispensers strongly requires the keyboarding of the secret code.  This code (equivalent to a signature affixed on a cheque) which is given in a sealed envelope, is not known even by the bank. Memorize it and destroy this mail as soon as possible. Do not note it down anywhere orcommunicate it to anybody, neither to your customer counsellor, nor to policemen. Always type your code far from people's look. 


Your responsibility is committed if the card is used by a third party being also informed also of your secret code.

If you forget your code, it is possible to ask your bank for a new sealed mail containing the code of your card. 

When and how to make opposition? 

You must make opposition in case of loss or theft of your card by calling CCA’selectronic banking centre of through the telephone number (237) 22 23 32 23. You will be asked the number of your card, this is why it is useful to note it down.

Then you must confirm your call by a written declaration submitted at any of CCA’sbranches.

The holder of the card must also declare this theft or loss to the police or legal authorities. The receipt of declaration must be given to CCA.

Once your opposition is recorded, the data is updated by the bank, making your card inoperative. 


If the card was lost with the secret code written on it, you will be financially responsible in case of fraudulent use of the card. 

In case of loss or theft of your card with the code written on it, you must order a new card with a new code (renewal fees at your expense);

In the event of loss or of flight without code, you must order a new chart with a new code (you bear the  renewal fees); 

If you find your card later, it will not be possible to use it again;

Please contact your branch in order to inform it. If you try to use that card in a dispenser, it "will be swallowed" by the machine without possible restitution. 

What happens in case of mistake while typing the code? 

For your protection, after three (03) consecutive errors while typing the code, the card is systematically swallowed by the dispenser. To obtain your card in this case, meet your banker who will check whether it is not a stolen card before giving it back to you.


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