The MCS PROFF Account

Do you want to develop your own company? No more worries. C.C.A. alongside MINPROF (Ministry for the Promotion of Women and Family) will help you to achieve your dreams. 

Get 80% of financing of your projects thanks to the partnership between CCA and MINPROF. You just need to:

  • Belong to any legally approved association;
  • Have a lucrative project which generates job opportunities and/or incomes;
  • Have 20% of the solicited amount;
  • Have the account of your association and/or network in our records;
  • Be  eligible for the financing agreement of MINPROF;
  • Belong to one of our seven networks of MFOUNDI.

Opening conditions:

  • 2 Passport sized  photographs of each signatory;
  • Photocopy of a valid ID Card of each signatory;
  • Receipt of declaration of your association;
  • Rules and regulations;
  • Statute;
  • Minutes or report appointing  the board’s members;
  • Minimum deposit at opening: CFA Francs 35,000;
  • Localization plan.

Together, let’s support the Cameroonian Entrepreneurship!!!


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