The commercial current account (ASSURANCE OF RESULTS)

It concerns legal entities (commercial companies and some organizations). It can be debtor and is formulated in debtor interests according to the value date system. Its operation is appropriate for business. It gives access to public contract funds, to discounts and documents.

In addition to the financing of your projects, it gives right to free councils for a better orientation and follow-up of those projects; 

Its operation is simple and is appropriate for business.

Opening Conditions:

  • 1 Trade register;
  • 1 Copy of a valid taxpayer’s card; 
  • 1 Copy of a valid trading licence;
  • 1 report  appointing  the signatories for public companies and LTDs;
  • The statutes for public companies and LTD;
  • 1 valid photocopyof each signatory’s ID Card or passport; 
  • 1  passport sized Photograph of each signatory; 
  • 1  localizationPlan of of the company certified by the taxation office.
  • Minimum deposit at opening: CFA Francs 204,500


Opening conditions:

  • 1 Copy of the receipt of declaration;
  • 1 Copy of the association’s statutes legalizedat the Divisional office or police station;
  • 1 original copy of the report of the extraordinary general meeting designing the signatories tothe account, legalized in a police station and containing the list of the members present at the aforementioned assembly;
  • The list of names of the board’s members;
  • The list of all the members of the association;
  • Passport Photo of each signatory;
  • 1 Certified Plan of localization of the headquarters of the association (if it exists);
  • 1 Plan of localization of the residence of each signatory of the account and a copy of their electricity or water bill;

Minimum deposit at opening: CFA Francs 300,000.


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