Savings Account

The Savings account allows to save and generate interest on one’s savings. It offers the advantage of being available at any time. It can also be used as initial contribution or starting capital at the creation of company or project. 

Opening conditions:

  • Minimum deposit at the opening: FCFA 25,000;
  • 1 Copy of a valid ID Card for the nationals;
  • 1 Copy of the resident’s permit for foreigners;
  • 1 geographical localization plan of residence and a copy of a receipt of the settlement of the electricity or water bill;
  • 1 proof of  your current  profession


  • This account generates semi-annual interests;
  • Gives  the right to a BIC (Banking Identity Card) or saving booklet;
  • Gives the right to a package made up of a Cauris Card and the C-Mobile service (operation on the account via mobile phone);
  • Possibility to subscribe to C-Online (operation on the account via Internet);
  • Possibility to subscribe to a Prestige Card depending on the amount at the opening;
  • Possibility to subscribe to C-Secur life insurance with a capital ranging from FCFA  1,300,000 to 2,000,000, in case of disaster,.


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